The Word Shaker

This is about a story within a book. The book is called The Book Thief. The story in the book is called The Word Shaker. The Word Shaker is by Max Vandenburg, a character in the book thief. Our class is only got the pictures and we were to write the story from the pictures. Alyssa , Brady and Joan also helped to write this.

Hitler, feeling that he is the best of the best is trying to make everyone follow him and be like him.

In doing so, he seems to convince many men with his powerful words to fight with him to defeat the Jewish race.

But soon, he has others who are not on his side trying to fight back. They plant hope, love, and peace in their lives hoping that it will grow into something that will keep them safe.

The numbers are growing, every day, more and more people are going against Hitler.

Soon, the Nazis catch on, and begin capturing and punishing more and more Jews and  people for not following Hitler.   They try to cut down any hope that the Jews had, but still, the Jews hung on to the little bit of hope that remained, not willing to just let it go to the Nazis.

The Jews still fight, hold on to the hope they have, because it is the only thing thy have left in the word.  They  try to defeat Hitlers power, even if they know the consequences of being caught.

Allied troops are preparing to go to Germany and fight for the Jews, and defeat Hitler and the Nazis.

The allied troops have arrived in Germany, but have not yet seen the terrible events happening. There now just heading to the main area of war to save the Jewish people and stop Hitler.

The troops have arrived in Germany but the Jews are not sure if they can trust the allies, fearing that they are like the Nazis.

The troops have seconds thoughts about what there getting themselves into when they came to Germany.

The tree is dieing and the Nazi’s have been defeated and the Jews are going back to a better life.


~ by ethajohn on January 28, 2011.

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  1. Hi, your group did a great job on the word shaker book. Was there anything you disagreed on with your group? was it hard to work with people over the computer? is there anything you would change in your story? And was your story close to the real story?

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